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Webinars providing Accessibility Training

vsa-logoWebinars offer accessibility training

Webinars can be good, free opportunities for staff development on various ADA and arts education topics. All times are Central Standard Time P.M. Webinars are provide by the Great Lakes ADA Center (; MC 728, 1640 W. Roosevelt Road, Room 405, Chicago, IL 60608; 877-232-1990 or 312-413-1407 Voice/TTY). And by the Kennedy Center, Office of VSA & Accessibility,, 202-416-8898.
K: Sept. 13, 2:00 – 3:00: Body, Voice, Imagination: How Theatre Arts Curriculum Can Be Used to Overcome Barriers for Students with Autism; Presenters from Stages Theatre, Hopkins: James Lekatz, Nikki Swoboda.
G: Sept. 15, 1:00: Speaking the Same Language: Making Closed Captioning Work.
G: Sept. 21, 1:00: Criminal Justice and the ADA.
G: Oct. 6, 1:00: Accessible Signage (A refresher).
G: Nov. 3, 1:30: Accessible Residential Facilities – Advanced.
G: Nov. 17, 1:00: Accessible IT – A status report on legal milestones.
G: Dec. 1, 1:30: Transient Lodging Q & A.
Archived ADA webinars include:
G: Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, Pets and The Law.
G: Real Life Accessibility: Software versus Disability-Based UX Testing.
G: Vertical Access.
G: Two Tickets, Please.
G: The Basics of Manual and Automatic Testing for Section 508.