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Ann Ribbens, Contemporary Quilter

Ann Ribbens comes from a long line of quilters and works in a wide variety of surface design techniques. She says “The feel of fabric in my hands always reminds me of that legacy. I also love the endless possibilities a textile artist can explore and the cultural traditions that inspire textile design and execution.” She says of… Continue reading Ann Ribbens, Contemporary Quilter

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Karin Jacobs, Painter of Animals

Karin Jacobs is a representational oil painter specializing in animals both real and ‘not real’. Her latest series is inspired by the Hartland horse and rider toys of the 1950s and ’60s. These toy horse paintings arose out of a lifelong love of horses as well as a fascination with the iconography of the American west.… Continue reading Karin Jacobs, Painter of Animals

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Denise Minkler Marych, Luminous Oil Painter

Denise Minkler Marych says of her unconventional substrates: “I love the challenge of the unexpected results I can achieve by brushing paint on the smooth cooper surface, experimenting with color and transparency, and discovering ways to let the glow of the metal become a part of my artwork.” Denise says: “I choose copper as a base for… Continue reading Denise Minkler Marych, Luminous Oil Painter

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Michele Combs (new)

Mentoring Philosophy Mentoring for me is the opportunity to provide a safe relationship for an individual to develop and achieve their artistic goals. Working with a mentee means to encourage, nurture, instruct and share experiences – both successes and setbacks. I love teaching and mentoring because I enjoy the dynamic of art, life, painting, and… Continue reading Michele Combs (new)

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Lisa Fratzke, Oil Painter

Lisa Fratzke is an oil painter who paints figurative landscapes. “Inspired by nature I primarily paint figurative representations of trees. I paint trees because I am visually and emotionally drawn to the drama of missing limbs, powerful trunks, and gnarled branches. To achieve the dramatic I use bold colors and a strong sense of line. Intrigued by… Continue reading Lisa Fratzke, Oil Painter

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Debra George, Explorer of Ideas

Debra George  is an explorer of ideas, materials, creativity and presentation; the inspiration for her artwork drives the medium. She says of her current work: “I … communicate about my family history through art. The fragments of knowledge and heirlooms kept have become source materials. … I’ve uncovered bits and pieces of strength, determination and creativity. The… Continue reading Debra George, Explorer of Ideas