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Barb Kobe (new)

Mentor Statement

As a WARM mentor I believe that my primary responsibility is to create an intentional creative space for the mentoring relationship to grow and thrive. I am a creativity coach and mentor who spends time and energy listening and communicating with my mentee in order to understand her style and approach to her artmaking. I think that it is important that a mentee be willing to explore who she is as a creative woman and artist, this means taking creative risks, asks questions herself and her mentor, be willing to learn, stretch and develop as a feminist artist.

As a WARM mentor I help the artist to create a structure-to-grow-from that includes defining learning and communication styles, boundaries and rules of engagement. I believe that we all have dreams, wishes and visions for our art and that it is my job as mentor to invite dialog that encourages the mentee to connect with these visions and play with concepts and art materials. Ultimately I hope that the mentee will see me as one of her allies, trust her creative process and in doing so invite inspiration and intuition as an important partner on her journey.

      These are some of the ground rules I use in my classes:

All beliefs are honored

Honor your creativity by nurturing yourself – ask for what you need.

Allow yourself to take creative risks

Allow yourself and your art to be a work in process.

Trust any time of struggle is necessary to precede

Be willing to play with your imagination

Invite yourself to stand back and question your beliefs

Trust Your Intuition