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A Moment in WARM’s History and a Memorial

By Heather Carroll Thirty-six years ago in 1982, WARM began a new venture. The brainchild of Judith Roode, the Rent-a-Mentor program (as it was known then) was created to answer Roode’s “compelling question [at the time]: Why are there no mentors for women artists in the Art community?”  The Rent-a-Mentor program began with sixteen WARM… Continue reading A Moment in WARM’s History and a Memorial

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Michele Combs (new)

Mentoring Philosophy Mentoring for me is the opportunity to provide a safe relationship for an individual to develop and achieve their artistic goals. Working with a mentee means to encourage, nurture, instruct and share experiences – both successes and setbacks. I love teaching and mentoring because I enjoy the dynamic of art, life, painting, and… Continue reading Michele Combs (new)