Mentor-Protege Blog Posts

Catherine A Palmer, Abstract Artist

Artist Credit: Catherine A Palmer

Catherine A Palmer paints figurative landscapes in oil. She says of her medium: “I love the vibrant colors of oil and I love that you can work with the paint for hours even days before it dries. It is a very flexible medium. It reminds me of clay, I feel as if I am sculpting a painting.”

Catherine says one way the WARM mentorship program has changed her artmaking is:

“I take myself more seriously as an artist. It has boosted my confidence and pushed me in directions I never imagined I wanted to go. I have learned to not be afraid to make mistakes and that during the process of art making nothing is precious.”

Following her experience as a protege, Catherine says: “I plan to be a frequently exhibiting artist active in our local artists’ community. Surrounding myself with other artists will be key to my success.”