WARM artists

Deborah Vander Eyk

WARM member Deborah Vander Eyk exhibits at Coloplast. The Coloplast Corporation, a medical-technology company based in Denmark, has partnered with WARM to provide our artists with a unique opportunity to exhibit in their award-winning North American headquarters built in 2009. 

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Artist Statement

The styles I seem to be drawn to are Abstract Expressionism, Impressionistic Painting and Traditional Photography.

I have a tendency to create art forms using color, different textures and soft lines to convey feelings and thoughts. These images seem to speak to an audience at an unconscious level inducing more of an individual reaction. As an artist I continue to develop within these styles.

My academic education began during the early 1970’s in Central Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was able to study under a variety of scholarly abstract artists and photographers. This provided an opportunity to experiment with watercolors, acrylics, photography and mixed media.

For more information about Deborah and her artwork, visit her mnartists.org page.