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Debra George, Explorer of Ideas

"Harriet Francis", paper collage by Debra George, 2016
“Harriet Francis”, paper collage by Debra George, 2016

Debra George  is an explorer of ideas, materials, creativity and presentation; the inspiration for her artwork drives the medium.

She says of her current work:

“I … communicate about my family history through art. The fragments of knowledge and heirlooms kept have become source materials. … I’ve uncovered bits and pieces of strength, determination and creativity. The stories are peaking my natural curiosity and providing a greater sense of connection and direction for my life.

Self-portrait, by Debra George
Self-portrait, by Debra George

“Stories of my family from the 19th century in Minneapolis were buried around my parents’ home in heirlooms, boxes and bookshelves. Waiting to give voice. This work brings to light the essence of their lives, livelihoods and community contributions. Many questions remain. My exhibit is about preserving family history one piece at a time.”

George has worked in many mediums, and says:

” I love not having one medium because it frees me to connect an idea with the medium it is calling for.”