American Conversation: Looking Forward Call for Art

2D, 3D & Multimedia Work
rt Works Eagan
3795 Pilot Knob Road, Eagan, MN 55122

February 11 to March 24, 2018

In American Conversations: Looking Forward, we invite current WARM members to share pieces that can spark conversations about the issues and problems that trouble and inspire us. Any issue that sparks passion in an artist can be a springboard for 2D, 3D, and multimedia work.

For inspiration, consider political problems including aging, civil discourse, detainee policy, disability discrimination, diversity, education, environment, gender discrimination, human trafficking, immigration, international human rights, nutrition, public health, race, religion, sustainable agriculture, tax policy, transportation, voting rights or women’s rights.

Concentrating on family dynamics may lead to fascinating and challenging work.

Find more inspiration in exploring new methods and mediums, and new tools and techniques which can help you look to the future.

What challenges and inspires you?

Detailed? Realistic? Abstract? Canvas? Clay? Neon? Digital? Musical? Anything goes.


This call is open until January 24th, 2018 Midnight – Early Submissions are appreciated. The earliest submissions may be considered for promotions of the event. You may grant permission for use of your images for publicity on the SUBMISSIONS page.


Gallery address: 3795 Pilot Knob Road. Eagan, Minnesota, 55122

Gallery hours: Open for public access Tuesday-Saturday:10am-4pm.

Opening Night Reception: Sunday, February 11: 6-9pm.

Music and Spoken Word events will take place in the second floor auditorium.

The times for performances are to be determined (during the open night reception).

Artist talks may take place on a Saturday within the duration of the exhibition and during Art Works Eagan hours in the Gallery spaces. (Specific dates and time are to be determined).


Submission requirements:

2D and 3D jpg (jpeg), smaller than 2MB

Spoken Word / Performance: submit wav, aflac, mp3 & m4p (audio/video); PDF for text.

All 2d and 3d works must be ready for display.

All applicants must be current WARM members through the end of the show.


Submission Fee, Sales, and Commissions

  1. Submission Fee: $40.00 submission fee will include up to 4 works with a guaranteed acceptance of at least one piece.
  2. Sales: Sales of work will be handled directly between WARM and the exhibiting artist(s). All sales will be handled off site of Art Works Eagan and all work sold must remain up for the duration of the exhibition.
  3. Commissions: WARM will handle any sales made/resulting from this exhibition will receive a commission of 30% for a 70/30% split. 70% of sales returns exhibiting artist. From the 30% held for commission 15% WARM / 15%  Art Works Eagan.


Jurors: Lucy Lamp, Shannon Crabtree and Brandi Rasmussen

Curator: Lucy Lamp.


To enter, use the following link:  You will be required to create a Judgify registration if you do not already have one. Please note that you must indicate a payment method of “Pay by cheque” in order to complete your submission! Judgify will not let us add you to the judging queue without that step. The “cheque” method will let us use our Square system rather than PayPal for you to submit your fee.

You will need to submit your payment separately through the WARM online store here  (, due to an issue with the automated payment linkage through PayPal in the Judgify system.


Drop Off Dates:  

2/8/2018 Dow Artist Building 7pm to 9pm, 2242 University Ave St Paul, MN. studio# 201B

2/9/2018 Art Works Eagan Space 10am to 4pm, 3795 Pilot Knob Road. Eagan, Minnesota, 55122


Pick Up Dates: at Art Works Eagan – To be determined (possibly Tuesday, March 27th-Thursday, March 29th, 2018 10am-4pm, and with one night-time pick up slot allotted. 6pm – 8pm)

Questions or problems? Please email for assistance!