“The Trump Trigger”: Zoetic Exhibition Panel Discussion

Art Credit: Karlyn Atkinson Berg, “Enigma Makes an Emergency Landing”

*** UPDATE *** We had a wonderful turnout, but know that there was a lot going on that night so we heard from several people who could not attend. We have notes from the interactive discussion and resources on a new page that we will add to as we get more suggestions. Thanks to all who made it an enriching and hope-full discussion!

Join us on Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017, at 6:30 pm,  for “The Trump Trigger” : a panel discussion about how artists can come together to make a difference now.

This event is being held in conjunction with our member show, “Zoetic- Our Cumulative Legacy”, at the Robbin Gallery, 4915 42 Ave., Robbinsdale, MN. (Follow the Facebook event here.) Free entry for members, $10 suggested donation.

We had an amazing panel of artists, curators, and other art leaders that have worked in a variety of ways to make the world a better place within our dynamic arts community and beyond.

Panel members:

Susan Armington

Susan Armington is an award-winning artist and project designer who works with schools, non-profits, foundations, and communities through art, to bring to life to their core concerns. As a studio artist, she works in painting, mixed media and imaginative map-making. As a project leader, she uses mixed media and 3-D materials to work with people of diverse backgrounds to create art about their lives. She facilitates events and circles where participants share their art and stories about what matters to them most in their lives.

In 2009 Susan received “Changemaker of the Year” award from the Minnesota Women’s Press for her Talking Suitcases work with Korean elders in Cedar Riverside. Her work has been cited in a 2008 book, Entering Cultural Communities by Diane Grams and Betty Farrell. In 2014, Talking Suitcases was selected by Alma Ruiz, Senior Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA to be included in an international exhibit and cultural exchange held in Shengyeng, China, on “Intersections in Social Practice Art.” Susan continues to lead this work with people of all ages and backgrounds; in the past few years working with Latino youth, an Asian women’s shelter, a global youth leadership program, homeless college students and staff in Duluth, River Stewards in the St. Croix Valley, and others. In January 2017 she has been invited to work with Tsunami survivors in Fukushima, Japan.

Doroth Mayer

I am an artist who uses historic processes and natural materials blended with modern technology to tell stories through the fiber/mixed media work I create. Cyanotypes printed from original photos enhanced and manipulated in Photoshop, eco-prints from my dyer’s garden, rust prints made from throw-a-ways, and traditional hand stitching and beading all reflect my aesthetic of blending old and new to transcend time.

My current work focuses on my Dakota Memories and my hopes and fears for our environment—especially our prairie lands and our water. The piece in this exhibition is Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek, a tributary of the Jim River which is a tributary of the Missouri, ran through my land. I remember walking through the fields—pre chemicals—when sloughs were left for pheasants, wild roses grew along the edges of fields, and bees and butterflies were busy making the world smile. I loved the natural beauty of the area and respected how my father, his brother, and my cousins honored the land they worked. I no longer own that farm, but I use my art—and the techniques I use in artmaking—to encourage others to engage in saving our beautiful planet for future generations.

My Trump Trigger? Deregulation!

Lynn Olson, President, Language Central, Inc.; ESL certified instructor, Senior Judge, District Court, State of MN

Vera Ming Wong

Alison Price

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” – Aristotle

Alison’s most recent body of work is the Mosaic Soul series. With the following words, she describes her inspiration:

“Each and every moment we as a culture, society, and individuals make decisions which ripple through our lives. The Mosaic Soul series is about the miniscule and grand moments where our decisions change our path. In front of us are thousands and thousands of opportunities, some neglected, some ignored, others chosen.

It is important we realize and explore as many possibilities as humanly able. This is our opportunity.”

See articles on Alison’s work:

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Tricia Heuring, Director & Curator, Public Functionary **tentative