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Corrigan-cats-exhibitArt Receptions for “Otters” April 2nd, and for CATS April 1st!

“Otter Reflections” are hanging at the Southeast Hennepin Library in Dinkytown (1222 4th St SE- on the corner of 13th and 4th Ave) through April!  If you didn’t get a chance to see them at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, here’s another chance!  We have an Artist Reception on Saturday April 2 from 2:30 to 4pm and I’d be delighted to see you.  The building itself is a work of art, designed by Architect Ralph Rapson, who was head of the U of M Architecture School for thirty years and who designed a pile of other Minnesota buildings-  come see the waffle roof!

AND this March’s “30 Cats & Friends in 30 Days” Project is off to a great start, with only one fumble when I painted the wrong critter a day early-  call it excitement or the fact that our first floor of our house is in disarray due to a construction project, I think I recovered nicely!  I have a few days left that I’m saving for other reptiles or a ferret or hamster or something!  Send me your critters!  Here’s the link to the blog itself!
COME to the CELEBRATION at the end of the project, at Diamond’s Coffee on April 1, 6-8pm!  See how many ways I can use the same four colors!

AND I am starting another Painting Lessons session tonight, for Thursday eves~  because of popular demand I am adding another session Starting SATURDAY APRIL 9th and running for the next bunch Saturday mornings, from 9:30 to noon~  click to this link for more info and to sign up!

Once again, I need to tell you how grateful I am for your continuing support and business, in this creative and sometimes difficult life we all live.