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Lanesboro Artist Relocation Program Survey

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Lanesboro Arts (LA) is creating the Artist Relocation Program to be launched February 2017. LA is inviting artists like yourself to provide feedback to make the program more robust and attractive for artists.

Lanesboro Arts invites artists from all disciplines to relocate to Lanesboro to engage with the entire rural community — a perfect environment for artistic experimentation and creative support.

The Artist Relocation Program (ARP) was created in order to align with and amplify the Lanesboro Arts Campus vision for rural communities to embrace artists as economic drivers, culture bearers, community builders, and problem solvers. The Artist Relocation Program exemplifies this vision by working closely with cross-sector partnerships to revitalize and sustain our progressive,rural town. These partnerships support the continued professional growth of artists and enhance the cultural and economic vitality of the surrounding community.

Please complete the brief survey to be an advocate for what artists need to have a sustainable working community.


The Lanesboro ARP Team


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