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Lisa Fratzke, Oil Painter

The artist at work.

Lisa Fratzke is an oil painter who paints figurative landscapes.lisa-fratzke-painting-small

“Inspired by nature I primarily paint figurative representations of trees. I paint trees because I am visually and emotionally drawn to the drama of missing limbs, powerful trunks, and gnarled branches. To achieve the dramatic I use bold colors and a strong sense of line. Intrigued by what these physical manifestations represent I find it healing to uncover deeply rooted relationships between the strength of nature and the perseverance of the human spirit. “
 Being a Protegee in the WARM Mentorship program has changed Lisa’s art making.
Strength, by Lisa Fratzke
by Lisa Fratzke

“I take myself more seriously as an artist. It has boosted my confidence and pushed me in directions I never imagined I wanted to go. I have learned to not be afraid to make mistakes and that during the process of art making nothing is precious.”

She plans to be a frequently exhibiting artist active in our local artists’ community, and feels that surrounding herself with other artists will be key to her success.

She says of her distinctive tree paintings: “I love the vibrant colors of oil and I love that you can work with the paint for hours even days before it dries. It is a very flexible medium. It reminds me of clay, I feel as if I am sculpting a painting.”