Marcia Soderman exhibit at Coloplast

The Coloplast Corporation, a medical-technology company based in Denmark, has partnered with WARM to provide our artists with a unique opportunity to exhibit in their award-winning North American headquarters built in 2009. While the exhibits are private, they are seen by hundreds of Coloplast employees and visiting doctors and scientists every day. Coloplast has designated a beautiful architectural space for these exhibits, informally called the “WARM Wedge.” In selecting WARM to exhibit in their contemporary setting, Coloplast is providing WARM more visibility in the art world, while recognizing the high quality of work by WARM artists.

Marcia Soderman, WARM mentor and artist, is currently exhibiting a series of 13 paintings at Coloplast, curated by Bonnie Sather. The paintings are installed to create a progression from intensely-emotional works, through joyous images about experiencing Iguacú Falls, Argentina, to lighter toned paintings, evoking peace and serenity.

Exhibit dates: Feb. 1 – March 23, 2012.

Marcia describes how The Iguaçu Falls series came about:

“The Iguaçu Falls series is a response to a most beautiful place, the widest series of waterfalls in the world, with the thunderous roar of the falls, and prismatic rainbows in the mist everywhere you look. The paintings are, at once, about my sheer joy in being there; the sound of the constant roar; and also about the waterfall’s being reduced by two-thirds due to severe drought in Brazil in 2008. Fortunately, environmentalists could then go down into river basin to collect the trash tourists had thrown in the river, (thus the red ‘detritus’). Ironically, recent flooding has restored the water level. The water in the river basin is a bright red-orange due to iron, but it seems like ‘fire-water’ to me. And finally, it all culminates in a white mist.”

On right: images of Marcia Soderman’s exhibit at Coloplast.

Marcia Soderman serves as a WARM board member and has been a WARM Mentor since 2008. Her work has been published in several art books, including International Contemporary Artists, Vol. 2, and Studio Visit, Vol. 9, and, by invitation, the cover and featured artist, of Exploring TOSCA, a Twin Cities arts magazine, Summer issue, 2011. You can see more of Marcia’s artwork by visiting her website.