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MRAC Grant Program changes for FY2018

Changes to MRAC Grant Programs in FY18
Our new fiscal year starts July 1 which means it is time to share our updated grant guidelines and calendar. There are several changes to the programs, which we are excited to share with you. As part of MRAC’s organizational goal to increase access and streamline the process for applying for grants, you will see these changes in our grant programs:
  • The matching dollar requirement for Community Arts has been taken away; there is no match requirement for this program starting in FY18.
  • The matching requirement for Arts Activities Support has been reduced to a 25% project match from a 50% match.
  • The matching requirement for the Capital grant program has been reduced to a 10% match from a 25% match.
  • The Management Consulting Fund grant maximum amount has increased from $1500 to $1750.
  • In all grant programs there are new budget forms that will make the process of developing and formatting the project expense and income forms easier and less prone to errors.
Program Directors welcome your questions or clarifications around these changes. As always, be sure to read the Grant Guidelines with care to assure that your grant will be deemed eligible and will be sent to our capable panelists in its strongest form.