Call for Entry

Northfield Hospital & Clinics Recognition Wall: Call for Art

Northfield Hospital & Clinics seeks an Artist to design, fabricate, and install a Recognition Wall that will honor exceptional individuals and long-time employees.
(See for information on the organization.)


The project is an installation which will need to balance the subjective qualities such as “exceptional care” with the objective quantities such as “22 years of service” in an integrated whole.

Subjective: 3-4individuals, changed annually
Objective: 81 names with an additional estimated 10 names each year

The Recognition Wall will demonstrate that Northfield Hospital & Clinics has a culture where people care wholeheartedly, provide exceptional care, and are committed to spending their careers.

Exceptional care + Longevity of service
(two separate qualities; not the same individuals) Where they intersect: Devotion to the profession of care

Key Concepts

  • Exceptional Care
  • Culture of Excellence
  • Legacy of Dedication
  • Personal Commitment
  • Body & Spirit


  • Sincerity
  • Appreciation
  • Kind acknowledgment“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity”– Hippocrates


  • Thematic continuity with Hospital history display (see attached)
  • Adaptability – change photo portraits of four honorees annually
  • Easy to clean
  • Integration of subjective and objective honors

For full details on the Request for Qualifications, see Recognition Wall RFQ – FINAL (pdf format).