Call for Entry

Soap Factory: Rethinking Public Spaces


Installation as part of ‘Three Factory Pieces’ by Labor Camp, 2016

The building that The Soap Factory occupies has been used for many things; the railroad, armory storage, the production of soap, and for the past 21 years, an art gallery. In 1995 a group of artists (No Name Exhibitions) moved into an industrial, utilitarian space and transformed it into one of Minneapolis’ most well known cultural hubs. The building brings unique challenges and benefits for exhibitions, by existing not as a traditional clean white-walled gallery but as a raw industrial space with history and grit. Because The Soap Factory owns its’ own building, we have a unique and powerful opportunity to leverage our location and history in the community for artists. In 2017, The Soap Factory is taking the time and care to renovate it’s building, activating currently underused spaces to better serve artists by providing more opportunities to exhibit, reside, and experiment.

In 2017 The Soap Factory is taking in some fresh air, stepping outside the Factory and rethinking spaces both Here and There. We’re making new connections with new public spaces throughout Minnesota and new cities around the world; asking you to pack your bags and join us on the trip.

As part of Here and There the Soap Factory will be introducing three new programs, Rethinking Public Spaces at the Soap Factory, Rethinking Public Spaces in Minnesota, and an International Residency Exchange Program. More information on residencies, their locations, and dates TBA in January, 2017. Informational sessions will be available in 2017, dates TBA.


During construction, The Soap Factory is inviting artists to propose projects outside of our Factory that will activate the building’s exterior and surrounding property. In addition to staff, installation support, and documentation support; The Soap Factory will provide four projects with a stipend of $5,000. Individual and group artist proposals are accepted.  Applications must be submitted through Mn Artists.

Call opens, December 12 – deadline, February 8, 2017


The Soap Factory’s public space program invites artists to submit proposals for projects outside of The Soap Factory that re-think public spaces, and/or utilize spaces that are often neglected or overlooked. In addition to staff, installation support, and documentation support; The Soap Factory will provide five projects with a stipend of $5,000, and two projects with a stipend of $10,000 to complete their projects. Individual and group artist proposals are accepted.

Call opens, December 19 – deadline, February 22, 2017