WARM artists

Shari Zimmermann

WARM member Shari Zimmermann exhibits at Coloplast. The Coloplast Corporation, a medical-technology company based in Denmark, has partnered with WARM to provide our artists with a unique opportunity to exhibit in their award-winning North American headquarters built in 2009. 

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Artist Statement

I find beauty in weathered surfaces that show a history of human touch and the evidence of time passed. Using acrylic paint, ink jet printouts, and sometimes stencils and stamps, I look for surprising results while experimenting with technique and color combinations. Little pieces of thought find their way into the picture through symbols and typography.  Most of my paintings are about memories, long ago and recent, and they all tell a story.

I often rethink my painting in the middle of the process and recreate entire sections. Sometimes I start completely over an old painting of mine that I never liked, allowing textures from the hidden layers to become part of the composition. When I’m happy with the finished piece it feels like the company of a friend who has seen me through troubled times.

For more information about Shari and her artwork, visit her online gallery.