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Take the Artists Count Survey!

Dear Minnesota Artist and/or Creative Worker:

Artists Count! Artists contribute to Minnesota’s economy. Our state’s artists and creative workers have significant economic clout. Let’s prove it!

Earlier this week Creative Minnesota and more than 160 nonprofit and foundation partners—including Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Springboard for the Arts, the Forum of Regional Arts Councils, the Minnesota Theater Alliance, and many more—launched the Artists and Creative Workers study. We are all working together to measure the economic impact of artists and creative workers. The study findings will be used to generate more public and private sector support for artists and to advocate for more services for artists. The result will be more attention, respect, and funding for artists and creative workers and their efforts to make their art and their living in Minnesota. Visit to learn more about our ongoing research.

The best way we can prove the economic clout of artists and creative workers is to hear from all of you about how you earn your living and the dollars you are spending in your community. Participation is voluntary, of course, but very important. Your information and privacy will be completely protected. The survey is housed on a secure research site, with firewall protection, and the information gathered by the survey will never be seen by the partner organizations. Your information will be combined with the information provided by other participating artists, and the results will be reported only in aggregate.


What kind of artists and creative workers are included in this study? All kinds! From architects to visual artists, from media artists to musicians, from textile artists to craft artists, from dancers to writers, and theater artists, curators, designers, and many more. The 160 study partners combined all of their lists of artists and you were included. Your email address is protected within this project, and it will not be shared with any other organization. (If you have already completed this survey using a different survey link, please ignore this message and any future reminders. We are distributing this survey through several different methods in hopes of reaching every artist and creative worker throughout Minnesota.)


Sheila Smith
Executive Director, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
Chair, Creative Minnesota Project