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Teeny Tiny Art Talks

The Teeny Tiny Art Talks held on April 6 during First Thursday at the Northrup King Building provided each attendee with a chance to engage in meaningful dialogs about their artwork with up to 6 WARM mentors during the course of the evening.

This was one of several events planned during this year to promote the WARM Mentor program and its 2018-19 cycle.  Registration for the coming cycle will be open from July – October 2017.

Watch for a repeat performance of Teeny Tiny Art Talks later this year!  Other events to put on your calendar are:


  • Mentor Program Small Works Fundraiser at Steadfast Studios, Solar Arts Building  during Art-A Whirl, May 19-21. Stop in, donate! Ask questions! Get Involved!
  • The WARM New Members Exhibit at the Southern Theater, May 5- June 4. Mentor Program information will be available.


  • Mentor Program Round Table Discussion and Art Making at Wet Paint, St. Paul, August 17 5:30-7:30pm.


  • Mentor Program Information/Fundraiser, Steadfast Studio, Solar Arts, during Fall Fine Arts, Sept. 16-25, exact date-TBD.


  • Mentor Program Presentations at the Mentor/Protegee exhibition, Dow Art Gallery, St. Paul, and at a WARM Pop-Up Exhibition in  Minneapolis.

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Mentors & past Protégées in Photos from the April event:               

Past protégée Holly Tappen with Tina Nemetz Michele Combs (left)
Karen Searle (right) Claudia Poser and Brenna Busse
(photo by Karen Searle)
Brenna Busse with past protégée Ellen Starr Brenda Litman (right)

Photos by Doroth Mayer except as noted