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The Dress Project: Exploring Women’s Power Through Women’s Clothes

This is part of a guest post on the WomenArts blog recently, exploring women’s quiet power through clothing:

The Dress as a Lens into Women’s Lives

In every instance, the dress offered an amazing lens into the woman’s unique expression of individual spirit and life experience.

City Councilwoman Karen Mejia was born in El Salvador and wore dresses daily until she moved to the US at the age of 8.  After that, she never felt entirely safe in one.

Deborah Brown, Chief of Staff of the environmental group, Riverkeeper, was brought up in an orthodox Jewish family but moved fearlessly towards love when she married in a strappy and ethereal cocktail dress.

Melzina Cannigan, a young African-American woman born and raised Newburgh, realized early on she was never going to keep up with the neighborhood boys with a dress on, so she burnt hers.

And more. The stories shared provided immense insight into the daily negotiations women are asked to make about their power and into the philosophies that keep them energized and motivated in the face of adversity.”