Mentor Program Benefits

The WARM Mentor Program provides:
  • An individualized approach to artistic growth. Each protégée directs the process of selecting her mentor, identifying her goals with the mentor’s help, and tracking her progress.
  • A firm foundation upon which to build an ongoing professional support system.
  • Workshops on career development issues for artists, such as exhibiting, finances, and developing peer critique groups.
  • Training in the Critical Response method of obtaining feedback on art work.
  •    A professional exhibit opportunity at a public venue and other pop-up exhibition opportunities.


Two years in the WARM Mentor Program delivers!

Mentors have seen these results in protégées by the time of the final exhibition: Protégées will

• Feel confident of skills

• Begin to read professional journals, join other organizations, form support groups, and take new courses to upgrade skills

• Develop comfort in more than one media

• Have image documentation, a current artist statement and an artist resume

• Have consistent sketchbook or journal documentation and strengthen the ability to record ideas over time

• Are prepared to write grants;begin to prioritize studio time

• Have a multimedia online presence

• Know that art is never rote or repetitive–work always calls upon creativity

• Function as a contemporary visual historian; art will draw on mainstream art history.

• Show visible movement towards professionalism Be able to have a civilized disagreement

• Develop understanding of monetary value of the work, the outcome, and ask for that without apology!

• Begin to understand that whether you win or lose, you do not stop working!

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