Time Commitment and Costs

Mentorship teams arrange to schedule 40 hours of contact time over the course of the two-year program cycle. Participating artists are expected to work on their artwork independently for 8-10 hours per week outside of their regular mentor meetings. Program costs include a non-refundable administration fee, a Mentor fee of $45 per hour, and a reduced WARM membership rate.

Mentors and protégées also participate in supplemental workshops and networking events, in addition to the final exhibition These are included in the Administration Fee cost of the program. Not included in the program costs is the optional cost of a facilitated Critical Response session.

You will find detailed information about the program, its costs and the application process in the Program Information Packet application packet, available before each new cycle begins. The next program cycle begins in 2017.

If you would like more information about the WARM Mentor Program, please contact the Mentor Program Coordinators, Tina Nemetz and Karen Searle at mentorcoordinator@thewarm.org.