Jantje Visscher

Mentor Philosophy

So many skills are needed to be a practicing artist. I always teach people to take stock of their current needs and revise goals often. We all have many irons in the fire, from raising families, earning a living income, taking care of parents —- many activities get in the way of spending our energy on art making. Every time we have a minor or major life change, we have to refocus.

Having said that, I teach protégées to focus intently on their current art goals. That involves stating them clearly, articulating the steps, and making sure there is time to accomplish them. Lots of art skills can be learned at the time you need those skills to accomplish what you want. But some skills are basic, and drawing is among these. More and more, computer skills and Photoshop skills are basic. Learning to find out what is being done elsewhere in the art world, marketing skills, career developing exhibits — these are the nitty gritty of art lives. Getting these basic career skills will be one goal.

And of course, developing your art. That will be our main goal. That involves creating art on a regular schedule, philosophical discussions, getting responses from outside people, seeing lots of art, learning the technical skills necessary for your current medium. If those happen to not be my special skills, we will find another resource for them.