Tina Nemetz

Mentor Philosophy

My philosophies around Mentoring are simple. We are whole and complete. We each have everything one needs, to do anything we want, anything we desire, at anytime. We do not always see that, sometimes we are blind to the most obvious, or simply ignoring what we do not find easy. Making art is an act of bravery and beauty.

The Mentor/Protégée relationship for me is protégée driven. Driven by your personal goals, needs and concerns. I create a safe place for experimentation. I ask many questions, helping you to come to your own answers. I guide you on a journey to lead you to be the creative person you want to be, successful by your definition. I am your support; the Mentor Program is your community.


Environmental Sculpture, Mixed media Sculpture, Foundry, Mold Making, Armatures, Mask Making, Painting, Installation, Digital Arts, Experimental Photography, Parade and Puppet art.


I am committed to working with a protégé for a two year cycle or on a short term project, building relationships that support our commitment to art, exploration and exhibition. Sharing myself, my experience and personal view in: Commitment to Process and Possibility, Long Range Planning, Grant Writing, Documentation, Creating a Public Context, Problem Solving and Personal Support and Self Assessment. Life should be fun. Art should be fun.