WARM artists

Therese Krupp

WARM member Therese Krupp exhibits at Coloplast. The Coloplast Corporation, a medical-technology company based in Denmark, has partnered with WARM to provide our artists with a unique opportunity to exhibit in their award-winning North American headquarters built in 2009. 

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Artist Statement

When buying her house in 2002 Therese also inherited a treasure trove of images from her previous residents- the Kristensen’s. Helen and Jens immigrated from Denmark in the 1950’s and monthly -a rolled up version of Danish Heaven came to them in the mail. Luckily, ” the day I came to help them pack -I was able to save them all from the trash heap!” 

The print “As You Wish” was a newsprint coupon ad for a back yard swing set . The title is from the movie Princess Bride…the man serving the ice tea could be saying it…   With the ” The 1967 Duplex” I was shocked when I found the image. That these monstrosities existed in 1967 surprised me. And that it was called the Duplex was perfect. ” The Pollination Schedule” is a playful commentary  on the life of a honey bee when  all the flowers are in bloom..  With the print  “I Must of Counted at Least …58 So Far!” its with a remembrance of the crow flocks (also called a Murder) that one could see last Fall  in South Minneapolis.

For more information about Therese and her artwork, visit her mnartists.org page and Highpoint Center for Printmaking page.